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Save the Nation Movement
  • argentinaFlag

    Argentine President Launches Atucha II Nuclear Reactor

    On Sept. 28, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner inaugurated the Atucha II nuclear reactor, the country's third, in an event which had not been previously announced, but which drove home the key political point that the development of [...]

  • pressconA

    Save the Nation Press Conference

    Save the Nation's first press conference on March 17, 2011 at Hotel Rembrandt. Photo shows Rep. Mark Cojuangco, together with the leaders and members of Save the Nation [...]

  • sanaEIR

    Can the Philippines Be Saved?

    Jan. 25—“There is a pervasive feeling of helplessness among our population as a series of price increases are being announced in nearly all sectors—i.e., food, transportation, electricity, tollways, water, fuel, and medicine.” Thus begins a memo from Antonio “Butch” Valdes, leader of the Philippines LaRouche Society (PLS) in Manila [...]

  • urgentB

    Deklarasyon: Tatlong Agarang Hakbangin Para Sa Kaligtasan ng Ating Bansa

    Habang ang buong mundo ay dumaranas nang malawakang pagguho ng pandaigdigang ekonomiya at sistemang pananalapi, sa kabila ng marami at paulit-ulit na mga babala ng LaRouche Movement; ang isang pabayang pamahalaan, mga [...]

  • urgentC

    Declaration: Three Urgent Steps for the Survival of our Nation

    As the whole world experiences the on-going and rapid disintegration of the global economic and financial system, and despite ample warnings by the LaRouche Movement; a negligent government, incompetent economic managers, and a [...]

  • signatories

    Signatories of the ‘Declaration: Three Urgent Steps for the Survival of our Nation’

    The ‘Declaration: Three Urgent Steps For The Survival Of Our Nation’ signed on January 14, 2011 at PSME office. Shown are the initial signatories of an historic document [...]

The Save the Nation movement calls for THREE URGENT STEPS: a new Green Revolution to restore food self-sufficiency; restoration of the Bataan nuclear plant & the rapid construction of other nuclear power facilities; and a moratorium on the usurious and illegitimate foreign debt of the nation, freeing resources for development [read more]

Science-Driven National Food Production Program

To immediately implement a Science-Driven, Infrastructure-Based Massive National Food-Production Program, to double, triple or even quadruple food supply, led by government and all its agencies, private sector and civic organizations [...]

Revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP)

To Start the Operation of the Philippine Nuclear Power Plant Unit-1, otherwise known as the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, as part of an energy development plan consisting of all alternative sources of energy, and immediately establish [...]

Moratorium on Foreign Debt Payments

To Declare a Moratorium on Foreign-Debt Payments, now beyond US$10 billion per year, payment of onerous debts, booked and incurred by devaluing our Peso, and collected thru an efficient implementation of the Value Added Tax [...]

May-bisang Agham na Programang Pambansang Paglikha ng Pagkain

Ang agad na Pagpapatupad ng Isang Malawakang May-bisang Agham na Imprastrakturang Programang Pambansang Paglikha ng Pagkain (science-driven, infrastructure-based massive national food-production program), upang [...]

Pagpapaandar ng Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

Ang Pagpapaandar ng Philippine Nuclear Power Plant Unit-1, na kilala bilang Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, bilang bahagi ng isang programang pagpapaunlad ng enerhiya na binubuo ng lahat ng uri ng mga mapagkukunan ng enerhiya at agad [...]

Paghayag ng Pagliban ng Pagbabayad ng Utang Panlabas

Ang Paghayag ng Pagliban ng Pagbabayad ng Utang Panlabas, ngayon ay higit sa $10 bilyong dolyar bawat taon, pagbayad ng malupit-pasakit na mga utang, na natamo lamang sa pagpapaliit ng halaga ng ating Piso, at tinitipon sa pamamagitan [...]